HT VR Complete Water Station

  • HT VR Complete Water Station

HT VR Complete Water Station

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  • Indoor or Outdoor HTHVR Water Cooler and HydroBoost Bottle Filler

    • Self-contained, stainless steel high-efficiency refrigerated wall-mount water cooler
    • Vandal-resistant one-piece, chrome-plated bubbler with integral hood guard to prevent tampering and comtamination
    • Automatic stream height regulator is located inside unit to prevent tampering
    • Includes self-closing, vandal-resistant pushbutton which does not require grasping or twisting 
    • Stainless steel top, with satin finish resists stains and corrosion
    • Anti-splash ridge reduces splatter
    • Contoured to insure proper drainage

    Key Features:

    • Sensor Activated - Provides touchless, sanitary operation; just place and fill
    • Quick fill rate - 3x faster than typical drinking fountains
    • Laminar flow - provides a clean fill with minimal splash and easy maintenance
    • Green Counter - Informs user of number of plastic bottles saved from landfills
    • Silver Ion Anti-Microbial Product Protection - Inhibits the growth of common bacteria, molds, and fungi that cause stains, odours and product deterioration

    Ideal for:

    • Educational Facilities
    • Sports Facilities
    • Recreational Environments
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Health Clubs
    • Public Venues





    Order/Specify as:

    Halsey Taylor Filtered Cooler with HydroBoost Bottle Filler - HTHB-HVR8 Single level