HT Wall Mount Water Coolers

  • HT Wall Mount Water Coolers

HT Wall Mount Water Coolers

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  • Indoor HTVZ Wall Mount, Non-filtered Water Cooler 

    • Self-contained, electric refrigerated wall-mount non-filtered wheelchair accessible water cooler
    • Model HTVZD delivers non-refrigerated drinking water
    • Versatile design allows bi-level models to be installed
    • Easy to operate solenoid activated controls for simple operation 

    Key Features: 

    • Easy-touch pushbar activation
    • Extra deep basin minimizes splashing; with integral drain
    • Stainless steel basin with satin finish resists stains 
    • Contoured to insure proper drainage
    • Exclusive one-piece, chrome-plated two-stream Double Bubbler with non-removable anti-squirt feature 
    • Valve with built-in flow regulator to provide constant stream 
    • Finish options: Impact-resistant vinyl coating or stainless steel wrapper

    Ideal for:

    • Educational Facilities 
    • Hospitals 
    • Office Buildings 
    • other High Traffic Areas 




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